Never Settle 

Hand Crafted Skiffs Built One at a time by the drake Bros. 


The Story

    We are the Drake brothers (Jordan and Wilds). Every single Drake skiff is created by us two under a watchful set of eyes belonging to Ann (Wilds' golden retriever). We build every skiff one at a time. Start to finish. We build a limited number of boats per year to ensure our skiffs are of the highest quality. This also allows us to utilize cutting edge materials and processes. We're forever innovating. As we always say, NEVER SETTLE.

     We were born on a farm in Marlboro County, South Carolina and grew up in the creeks, oceans, and marshes of Charleston, South Carolina. We’ve been building since we could walk and ride things that can cause bodily harm (dirt bikes, surfboards, wakeboards, snowboards, race karts, bulls, etc.) since we could turn a key. We both get up early, step on the gas and make it happen. One of us goes to sleep at night, the other one not so much. And, yes, we have broken and continue to break lots of things (bones, bikes, windows, anvils, hearts, boards, motors, and boats.) We’ve been building things or taking stuff apart and trying to re-build them for a long time. There hasn’t been a bike, surfboard or a vacuum cleaner that we haven’t taken a crack at “improving”. 

     The entrepreneurs in our family taught us to keep building (i.e. getting up off the floor when we got knocked down, or sometimes even out) and the women of our family taught us to do it with grace (and didn’t kill us when we destroyed their vacuums). Now that you know who originated, allowed and encouraged our “life skills”, we’ll get back to the “how we decided to start building the most technologically advanced skiff ” story.

     We started with the simple goal of making a boat that poled like a dream but could make it through the Charleston harbor without getting its passengers (us) wet. And, it needed to look badass. These simple goals led us deep into the world of composites, which resulted in a skiff that utilizes an all carbon fiber and carbon/innegra laminate that is vacuum bagged, infused with an epoxy resin system, and finally post cured in our high temp oven. In short, our aerospace grade laminate combined with our innovative hull design allows us to build a boat that accomplished our simple goals… light, fast, dry, shallow, and a dream to pole. All that technology plus lots AND lots AND lots of sanding equals one badass skiff.