our skiffs



We Designed the nomad for our home waters (charleston, sc). 

 Heres what that means to you: 

Rides Like a big water skiff and poles like a microskiff (ask any owner!).

No sliding! Tight creeks and huge tidal swings made this a requirement. We prefer not to slow down!

Bone dry. We don't like getting wet and we have a feeling you don't either. 

Dead Quiet. No hard chines at/near the waterline. The fish are only getting more skittish, so we over prepared. 

Every inch of this skiff is designed for functionality. And yes, it looks pretty badass too!

So it turns out, the nomad works pretty damn well in any environment. not just ours.  

The details


Length                                   17.10

Beam                                        74"

Deadrise                                 4° Rolled

in use Draft*                         5-7" (2-3 ppl)

Power                                      40-70 hp

Dry Weight                             510 lbs

In USe weight*                      990 lbs 

*(center console, full fuel, safety and fishing gear, Yamaha f70) 





The outlaw is a far cry from the jon boats that defined our early years, but the overall design aspects are the same: Versatile, Simple, efficient, highly effective, and built to take a beating! 

Extremely Stable. Two guys and your dog (Ann in our case) on the gunnel. No dipping or tipping here!

Simple at its highest degree. Minimal electronics and rigging and maximum storage. 

Bone dry. Nothing has changed. We still don't like getting wet and we're thinking you'd still rather stay dry. 

Dead quiet poling with minimum disturbances in the water column. No hard chines at/near the waterline. Why be able to float in 3"-5" of water if you can't be dead silent above and below the water?

Radiused transom for effortless poling and snag-less retreats from those places so "comfortable"  that you have to pole out backwards

Per usual, every inch of this skiff is designed for functionality. And yes, it looks pretty badass too!

No sharp edges. This skiff was built to be drug over dikes, oysters, and mangrove swamps with minimum damage. We test this often!

Want Something that can take you to shallowest and tightest places while still having the creature comforts and finishes that come with our skiffs? Look no further.  

The details


Length                                   17.3

Beam                                        59"

Deadrise                                 2° Rolled

in use Draft*                         3-6" (2-3 ppl)

Power                                      20-40 hp

Dry Weight                             320 lbs

In USe weight*                      470 lbs 

*(full fuel, safety and fishing gear, Yamaha F25) 





The Technology

   Because of our hull design and laminate schedule our skiffs are truly stronger, faster, lighter, dryer, and ride better. 

All of our skiffs are built with carbon/innegra, carbon fiber, and epoxy resin. Every single composite part on our skiffs is vacuum bagged, infused, and post cured in our high temp oven. 


what are the benefits to these methods and materials?

  • Carbon/innegra outer skin

    • Oil based product so it will never absorb water or moisture. (cough, cough, kevlar....)
    • Extremely tear resistant. We hope you never get this far, but its better to be prepared!
    • The Innegra disperses load! This quality creates a buttery smooth and quiet ride.  It also dampens any chop hitting the boat when poling. We're taking quiet and smooth to next level!
  • Fully cored with Closed cell pvc based core mat

    • All of our skiffs are fully cored. We run core all the way to edges and butt all seams together. No gaps. No weak points. No unnecessary glass. 
    • The closed cell PVC derived foam will never absorb water and has outstanding tensile strength and shear properties. 
  • Pure carbon inner skin

    • Carbon this. Carbon that. Our skiffs are just simply Carbon. The whole thing. Our inner skin in pure carbon fiber. This equals weight savings and strength. Lots of both.  
    • Carbon fiber does not lose its strength properties over time when placed under a dynamic load. 
  • Vacuum infused with epoxy resin

    • By vacuum bagging and infusing every single composite part on our skiffs we get a near perfect resin to glass ratio. Hints the stronger and lighter. 
      • Heres why epoxy resin is better:
        • 3x stronger than industry standard (vinyl-ester)
        • High resistance to environmental degradation and do not “blister” like Polyester and Vinylester resins when exposed to water. 
        • Far superior bonding characteristics, especially with carbon fiber. 
        • Does not does not lose any of its structural properties over time. 
  • The Post cure 

    • All of our composites parts are post cured in our high temp oven. This maximizes the resin's structural properties and brings the part to a full cure. 
    • This prevents any residual curing over time. Our skiffs will always maintain the same cosmetics and profile that they have when we pull them from our molds. 

All of this technology along with our hull design help achieve all of our Original specifications; To Keep us (and you) dry and comfortable, pole like a dream in the shallowest of water, be lethally quiet when poling, and most of all to be and look badass forever!